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Rusty�s Recipes, Tried and True

I really like them, so will you!

Well, my idea for keeping this cookbook active and small has been impossible to do because of health, age, and other constraints. So, from this point on, I'll just keep adding recipes that are tried and true, plus handy ideas and hints I think will be interesting.
What I WILL NOT do is continually copy recipes from cookbooks like some others do. I will put in recipes that I like, or that I have eaten at friends houses. Now, some of these will likely be found in some cookbooks as good cookbooks tend to have some of the same popular recipes in them. When I'm able to do so, I will include my source for the recipes included here.
I have been collecting recipes in a computer database since 1980 so, If you would like to see some recipe I do not have here, e-mail me with as much information about it as you can, and let me know. I will search the database for you. Do include "I think it had" or "It did not have" or any kind of instruction information you think is unique as I can include any of this in the search. Please be patient though if you expext an answer. Also, feedback is important to me so let me know if you do, or don't like something.. Thanks, and have a great day!

Recipe Categories:
CategoryLast Updated
ADD_INs (1 )Fri 29/Jul/2005 10:53:13
APPETIZERS (4 )Sun 1/May/2005 14:05:12
BEVERAGES (3 )Sun 6/Mar/2005 11:29:33
BISCOTTI (4 )Sun 6/Mar/2005 11:15:58
BISCUITS (6 )Fri 29/Jul/2005 09:46:52
BREAD (11 )Fri 29/Jul/2005 10:03:02
BREADMACHINEBREADS (5 )Sun 6/Mar/2005 11:41:24
BREAKFAST (8 )Sat 26/Mar/2005 01:48:24
CAKES (13 )Fri 29/Jul/2005 11:07:12
CANDY (7 )Fri 8/Jul/2005 16:41:49
CASSEROLES (11 )Fri 25/Mar/2005 23:30:54
CHEESECAKES (5 )Sun 1/May/2005 12:28:22
COOKIES (10 )Fri 8/Jul/2005 16:23:12
COPYCAT (5 )Wed 24/Nov/2004 23:16:17
CORN_BREADS (3 )Sun 1/May/2005 12:51:49
CROCKPOT (8 )Sun 6/Mar/2005 12:51:00
CUPCAKES (5 )Tue 7/Dec/2004 12:43:34
DESSERTS (11 )Fri 8/Jul/2005 17:16:53
DIABETIC (7 )Sun 1/May/2005 14:11:51
DIPS (7 )Wed 15/Dec/2004 17:20:35
DOUGHNUTS (4 )Wed 8/Dec/2004 16:00:11
FISHandSEAFOOD (7 )Thu 20/Jan/2005 11:25:47
FROSTINGS__ICINGS (3 )Fri 25/Mar/2005 22:03:17
FRUIT (1 )Sat 13/Nov/2004 12:55:19
FUDGEandBROWNIES (10 )Mon 6/Dec/2004 12:53:52
FUNNELCAKES (1 )Tue 7/Dec/2004 00:20:45
HOLIDAYS (9 )Sun 6/Mar/2005 13:03:31
HOMEMADE (6 )Sat 27/Nov/2004 21:11:09
Handy_Information (8 )Tue 14/Dec/2004 14:34:26
ICECREAM (4 )Sun 12/Dec/2004 01:58:52
INAJAR (4 )Thu 20/Jan/2005 14:19:41
MAINDISH (7 )Fri 8/Jul/2005 16:47:30
MEATS (10 )Tue 30/Nov/2004 07:59:21
MEXICAN (3 )Tue 30/Nov/2004 13:35:35
MICROWAVE (8 )Sat 4/Dec/2004 23:32:05
MISCELLANEOUS (13 )Sun 1/May/2005 12:15:44
MIXES (10 )Sat 26/Mar/2005 01:15:09
MUFFINS (11 )Fri 8/Jul/2005 17:09:51
PASTA (3 )Mon 29/Nov/2004 15:00:44
PIES (12 )Fri 29/Jul/2005 10:59:32
PIZZA (1 )Sun 1/May/2005 13:02:00
POULTRY (5 )Fri 29/Jul/2005 21:15:08
PUDDINGS (1 )Fri 25/Mar/2005 23:44:35
QUICKBREADS (8 )Fri 29/Jul/2005 11:39:32
REMOVEDRECIPES (1 )Mon 6/Dec/2004 10:13:11
ROLLS (1 )Sun 1/May/2005 13:39:53
SALADandDRESSING (10 )Fri 29/Jul/2005 21:44:39
SANDWICHES (3 )Sat 4/Dec/2004 15:31:44
SAUCES (3 )Mon 8/Nov/2004 11:59:00
SCONES (8 )Fri 29/Jul/2005 11:26:18
SIDE_DISHES (2 )Fri 25/Mar/2005 23:12:14
SNACKS (9 )Fri 29/Jul/2005 21:28:29
SOUPSandSTEWS (10 )Fri 25/Mar/2005 23:19:58
SYRUPS (1 )Sun 5/Dec/2004 11:29:48
TIPSandHINTSandETC (1 )Thu 16/Dec/2004 09:58:39
ThanksgivingSideDishes (8 )Fri 19/Nov/2004 13:14:29
VEGETABLES (4 )Mon 8/Nov/2004 13:04:22
VEGETARIAN (2 )Wed 10/Nov/2004 14:27:02
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