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New Recipes in the Past 3 Days

Total Number of Recipes : 450,717

Total Number of Archives : 5,795

New Recipes for Past 3 Days : 92

CATEGORY is Chowders_Soups_and_Stews
Cheddar Ham Soup (Amma)Mon 12/Nov/2018 00:06:10
Chicken Noodle Soup (Amma)Mon 12/Nov/2018 00:25:13
Chicken Spinach Soup with Rice (Amma)Mon 12/Nov/2018 00:12:05
Corn Chowder (Amma)Mon 12/Nov/2018 00:18:07
Easy Hamburger Soup (Amma)Mon 12/Nov/2018 00:30:30
Gram's Potato Soup (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 23:50:45
Green Chile Soup (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 23:36:43
Lemon Chicken Rice Soup (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 23:30:00
Maggie's Cabbage Chicken Soup (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 23:12:29
Maggie's Potato Soup (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 23:05:08
Meatball Soup (Amma)Mon 12/Nov/2018 00:36:51
Mountain Stew (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 23:20:04
Nomad's Stew (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 22:40:12
Potato Corn Chowder (Amma)Mon 12/Nov/2018 00:48:48
Potato-Cucumber Soup (Amma)Mon 12/Nov/2018 00:43:13
Quick Potato Corn Chowder (Amma)Mon 12/Nov/2018 00:55:49
Steak Soup (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 22:40:58
Tres Queso Zucchini Soup (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 23:45:37
Witchling's Stone Soup (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 22:53:59
Zucchini Soup (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 23:58:41

CATEGORY is Cookies
Auntie's Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 11:58:04
Date Cookies (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 10:58:33
Fresh Lemon Cookies (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 11:29:38
Huge Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 11:40:41
Litha- Peanut Butter Cookies (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 11:06:31
Maggie's Peanut Butter Cookies (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 11:05:11
Mexican Mocha Oatmeal Cookies (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 14:02:23
Nana's Chocolate Chip Cookies (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 11:50:19
Nana's Peanut Butter Cookies (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 11:14:46
Oatmeal Cookie Surprise (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 11:45:48
Orange Pumpkin Cookies (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 12:11:03
Peanut Butter Cookies (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 14:09:19
Pecan Pie Cookies (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 14:15:06
Pineapple Cookies (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 13:53:09
Pumpkin and Chips Cookies (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 14:22:33
Pumpkin Drop Sugar Cookies (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 14:35:42
Raisin-oatmeal Cookies (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 12:03:27
Sun-oat Cookies (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 12:35:18

CATEGORY is Dinners_and_Lunches
Apple Pork Roast (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 17:13:12
Baby Porcupine Meatballs (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 17:19:17
Baked Chicken (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 17:24:05
Beef and Pablano Bake (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 17:29:46
Beef and Spinach Enchiladas (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 17:36:14
Chicken and Broccoli Roll-Ups (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 17:39:39
Coconut Shrimp (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 18:49:51
Easy Lasagna (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 19:53:47
Fried Rice (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 19:13:28
Gallina Pinta (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 19:23:30
Gram's Bar-B-Que (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 20:04:06
Pesole (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 19:01:38
Potluck Chicken Sandwiches (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 19:59:17
Tuna Chip Casserole (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 17:06:56
Tuna Noodles (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 19:30:55
Tuna Salad Plus (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 19:41:18

CATEGORY is Drinks
Viken Cider (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 13:23:56

CATEGORY is Frostings_and_Icings
Brown Butter Frosting (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 15:38:49
Brown Sugar (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 15:44:49
Buttercream, Chocolate (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 15:54:40
Cinnamon Chocolate (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 16:08:06
Citrus Glaze (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 16:12:20
Cocoa Frosting (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 16:15:49
Coconut-Pecan (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 16:19:54
Cooked Raisin Icing (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 16:23:50
Cream Cheese- Basic (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 16:03:27
Cream Cheese- Buttered Rum (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 16:01:28
Cream Cheese- Chocolate (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 16:02:33
Cream Cheese- Tropical (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 16:56:48
E-Z Creamy Frosting (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 16:27:14
Eggnog Frosting (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 16:35:02
Fluffy Pineapple Frosting (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 16:38:44
Pumpkin Frosting (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 16:43:14
Pumpkin Orange Frosting (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 16:47:43
Root Beer Frosting (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 16:51:04

Cherry Pie (Frozen Cherries) (MLC3)Tue 13/Nov/2018 09:53:17

CATEGORY is Quick_Breads_and_Muffins
Banana Bread (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 21:31:09
Banana Bread- Pumpkin Tropical (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 20:26:14
Banana Bread- Tropical (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 20:10:54
Banana Chip Muffins (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 20:17:03
Blueberry-Zucchini Bread/muffins (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 21:24:41
Maggie's Bonus Muffins (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 20:42:58
Pumpkin Pecan Bread (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 20:52:06
Pumpkin Tea Bread (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 21:38:40
Strawberry Bread (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 20:32:45
Viken Zucchini Bread (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 21:19:10
Zucchini Bread (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 20:59:47

CATEGORY is RICE_Risotta_CousCous_Pilaf
Risotto with Zucchini Blossoms (MarlasRecipes)Sun 11/Nov/2018 13:25:36

CATEGORY is Sabbat_Celebrations
1st Snow of the Year- Viken Cider (Amma)Sun 11/Nov/2018 13:27:59

Cajun Catfish Remoulade (MarlasRecipes)Tue 13/Nov/2018 12:01:56

Strawberry Spinach Salad (Amma)Mon 12/Nov/2018 01:05:12

Gravy (MarlasRecipes)Mon 12/Nov/2018 11:57:53
Deluxe Turkey Stuffing (MLC3)Mon 12/Nov/2018 10:23:59
Turkey Cooking Tips & Information (MLC3)Mon 12/Nov/2018 10:39:28

Total Number of Recipes : 450,717

Total Number of Archives : 5,795

New Recipes for Past 3 Days : 92




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