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The Butcher the Baker the Candlestick Maker?

Welcome, relax, but above all... enjoy!

The title above for my site came because often women feel as though they have on many hats. We think we can, or should wear them all at the same time and that is just not going to happen. We try to be super-human, and that just can't be done by anyone. God did not design us that way. My greatest accomplishments are my two children. I so very much admire, love and believe them to be the best and most wonderful thing about my life-EVER! I'm so very proud them, and those are not just words any and every mom says... I TRULY AM so proud of how they've endured some early learning lessons in life, through hardship, loss, trial and error. They are my two biggest hero's. Cooking has been a respite for me. A haven where I can slip away and create something that often shows my love. Praise the Lord I even get to do it for a living, dishes as well ;) and get paid for it all. Baking is my truest love and it's sincerely therapy for me. I'm not sure how you've wandered into my little area of the world wide web but I know it was a GOD-incidence. My hope is that you enjoy the recipes and find something you can use. Better still, if you've come along here and there was something "more" you were seeking...well just maybe I can help with that as well. Send me an e-mail if you want to know what my life is really all about. With that said...folks often ask me if I've made everything here? No, I have not. I've made a lot of things here while others I want to try sometime and didn't want to lose the recipe so I placed it here. If you have any questions or comments regarding the recipes please go below and click on my guest book and share. Don't look for me to be perfect in typing, editing or in anything...I'm not. I do my best and leave perfection to God! No matter what you do today, have a blessed, sweet-Jesus day. Until all have heard of His love, Mrs. Jeannie

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CUPCAKES (2 )Sun 7/Sep/2008 04:51:26
ChristmasCookieList (49 )Tue 9/Dec/2003 10:32:12
Coffee (7 )Sat 20/May/2006 03:24:39
CookingOutdoors (1 )Thu 8/Aug/2002 12:38:43
CopykatRecipes (21 )Wed 8/Mar/2006 05:03:41
CornRecipes (8 )Thu 8/Aug/2002 12:38:43
CreamPies (6 )Thu 8/Aug/2002 12:38:43
CrockPotBaking (11 )Thu 8/Aug/2002 12:38:43
DESSERTS (57 )Sun 2/Nov/2008 10:17:36
DiabeticRecipes (6 )Fri 31/Dec/2004 06:28:50
Dumplings (5 )Thu 8/Aug/2002 12:38:43
ETHNIC (6 )Wed 17/Mar/2004 07:16:32
EquivalentsinMeasure (1 )Thu 8/Aug/2002 12:38:43
FISHandSEAFOOD (19 )Sun 18/Jun/2006 16:33:17
Fondue (1 )Sun 19/Jan/2003 13:59:49
Gonetothedogs (3 )Thu 8/Aug/2002 12:38:43
HolidayFun (9 )Wed 10/Dec/2003 04:05:10
HolidayRecipes (41 )Wed 10/Dec/2003 08:20:12
HomemadeMixes (17 )Thu 8/Aug/2002 12:38:43
ICE_CREAM_TOPPINGS (8 )Sat 29/Nov/2003 13:00:34
IceCreamDesserts (9 )Thu 8/Aug/2002 12:38:43
IceCreamPieCrusts (11 )Thu 8/Aug/2002 12:38:43
JAMSandJELLIES (2 )Thu 8/Aug/2002 12:38:42
MEATS (18 )Fri 12/Dec/2003 07:17:31
MUFFINS (43 )Fri 22/Apr/2005 10:37:40
MainCoarse (40 )Fri 12/Dec/2003 07:26:56
Miscellaneous (14 )Sat 29/Nov/2003 13:09:10
OnceAMonthCooking (10 )Thu 8/Aug/2002 12:38:43
PASTA (12 )Tue 11/Jan/2005 08:20:47
PIZZA (3 )Thu 8/Aug/2002 12:38:43
POULTRY (38 )Sat 11/Apr/2009 08:10:13
Philippines (10 )Wed 17/Mar/2004 07:32:36
RICE (4 )Fri 23/Nov/2007 04:37:05
SALADandDRESSING (25 )Fri 4/Jan/2008 14:53:18
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StrawberryRecipes (59 )Sun 25/Jan/2004 13:36:05
ToasterOven (13 )Thu 8/Aug/2002 12:38:43
VEGETABLES (25 )Fri 23/Nov/2007 04:39:02
VEGETARIAN (6 )Sat 17/Jun/2006 15:27:11
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