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    HAWAIIAN: Hawaii Food Glossary

    Source of Recipe

    Christoph D Dürmüller

    List of Ingredients

    'Ahi: Bigeye, yellowfin or albacore tuna

    Aku: Skipjack tuna

    Akule: Scad mackerel

    A'u: Marlin

    Butterfish: Black cod

    Crack seed: A popular local snack of preserved fruits, such as rock salt plum or dried mango

    Ehu: Short-tailed red snapper

    Hapu'upu'u: Grouper or sea bass

    Haupia: Coconut pudding, traditionally made with pia, Polynesian arrowroot, instead of cornstarch

    Hibachi: A small Japanese outdoor grill, commonly used in Hawaii

    Imu: A traditional underground pit oven, lined with rocks and ti leaves (or banana leaves), for cooking meats such as chicken and pig 'Inamona: Roasted, ground and salted kukui nuts

    Kalo: Taro, a starchy and nutritious tuber, commonly used to make poi

    Kalua: Traditional method of cooking food in an imu

    Kukui nut: Nuts from the candlenut tree

    Laulau: Pork, beef, salted fish or taro leaves wrapped in ti leaves and cooked in an imu or steamed

    Lawalu: Fish or meat wrapped in ti leaves for cooking
    Liliko'i: Passion fruit

    Limu: Seaweed; limu kohu, a soft, reddish-brown variety, is prized for its succulent flavor
    Loco moco: A plate lunch featuring a fried hamburger patty and a couple of fried eggs stacked on white rice and topped with brown gravy

    Lomi or lomilomi: To massage, knead or rub; lomi salmon is a popular lu'au dish

    Lu'au: Taro leaves, often baked with coconut cream and chicken or octopus; the word eventually came to mean a Hawaiian feast, which is also known as 'aha'aina or pa'ina

    Mahimahi: Dolphinfish or dorado; not related to the mammal dolphin

    Manapua: Chinese bun filled with shredded barbecue pork; also known as mea 'ono pua'a

    Moi: Pacific threadfin

    Monchong: Also called big scale or sickle pomfret, because of its large scales and the shape of its fins

    Nori: Paper-thin sheets of seasoned, dried seaweed

    Ogo: A type of seaweed commonly used in poke and to flavor seafood dishes

    Ono: Wahoo or large mackerel

    'Ono: Delicious

    Onaga: Long-tailed red snapper; also known as 'ula'ula

    Opah: Moonfish

    'Opakapaka: Pink snapper

    'Opihi: Limpets, a prized delicacy

    Pipikaula: Salted and dried beef

    Plate lunch: A popular lunch option featuring two scoops of white rice, macaroni salad and a local-style meat or seafood dish

    Poha berries: Cape gooseberries or ground cherries

    Pohole: Fiddlehead fern

    Poi: Mashed, cooked taro

    Poke: A dish of sliced raw fish or seafood, seaweed, Hawaiian salt and chile peppers

    Pulehu: To broil or barbecue

    Pupu: Finger food; island-style appetizer

    Saimin: Japanese noodle soup

    Shave Ice: A popular local treat featuring shaved ice in a paper cone and flavored with colored fruit syrup

    Shoyu: commonly used Japanese word for soy sauce

    Shutome: Broadbill swordfish

    Tako: Octopus

    Ti leaves: Leaves of a Polynesian plant, used for cooking and decorative purposes

    Uku: Gray snapper

    'Ulu: Breadfruit

    Ulua: Jack or jackfish, or Florida pompano

    Wana: Sea urchin





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