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Old Sarge's Recipe Bunker

Preserving A National Treasure

I want to welcome you to the Old Sarges Recipe Bunker!

My wife and I have been collecting recipes for a number of years from a number of resources. Many of my recipes have come from my wife�s personal collection which she has prepared for me and my daughters over the years. It was a difficult task to get these recipes from her because she does not particularly enjoy people (especially me) rumbling through her recipe box and recipe files. However, being the super sleuth I accomplished my mission and I now I want to share them with you.

Our other sources for gathering recipes were through library books, buying cookbooks at Goodwill and other thrift stores, my travels around the world before I retired from active duty with the US Army, watching different television programs, reading magazines and newspapers, and surfing the internet.

I am by no means a professional cook! Actually I cannot describe myself as even an amateur cook. What I can describe myself as is a man with professional taste buds who knows what good food ought to taste like. I believe this talent was inherited from my Alabama heritage and Ohio (Amish Country) upbringing and being married to a dairy farmer�s daughter for forty years who happens to be a fantastic cook.

The time has arrived for me to share my time-honored recipes with the outside world. The following recipes are among my favorites. As I previously stated, they were obtained, without permission, from my wife�s private recipe collection. This was a mission unlike any mission I had ever undertaken, a mission so dangerous I felt the dark walls of terror surrounding me as I planned my attack upon my wife�s recipe files. It took all my military training, carefully executed reconnaissance, proper placement of listening devices and motion detectors and other advanced electronic devices to accomplish this successful but dangerous well mission.

I would also like to mention that each of the recipes I have included were prepared and tasted by members of my family or myself.

When my wife prepares a new recipe I have a way of informing her of my enjoyment of the new recipe � I tell her that the recipe is a �keeper�! I also know when my wife is experimenting a new recipe on me � she will look at me and with her sparkling sky blue eyes she�ll ask �Well � what do you do you think? Does this taste OK? What do you think? Have I left anything out?� That�s like asking me �Do I need to lose weight?� or �Does this dress look too tight?� Watch out guys � If this happened to you guys � Have your answer rehearsed and prepared in advance!

I wish to thank my family, friends around the world, public libraries, magazines, newspapers and other media outlets and the many recipe sites and other resources which contributed to my wife�s recipe collection. Please keep checking back for more additions.

So, it is my pleasure, to present to you, without further delay, my personal collection of recipes.

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Old Sarge's Recipe Bunker

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